Album: When Faith Descends EP (2013)

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Song: Faith Descends

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The band started life off as Among The Fallen in the early spring of 2012 with five long time friends. They had all worked together before at some point musically, but it wasn't until the birth of Among The Fallen that they decided to team up and start a Metalcore band. Taking influences from all over the world from many different bands they were determined to create a band with its own personal sound and style. They spent over a year writing and practicing before any live shows were even spoken about, but in July 2013 they hit a point where their sound had changed so dramatically from previous songs that a fresh approach to the band was necessary. Although a tough process was to follow, the decision was taken that a new name was required to fit the new sound the band had fallen upon, and from then on they became When Faith Descends..